How to Safely Hook up With a Trans Date in Dubai

The wealthy emirate has an unexpectedly large trans community. Industries like beauty, cosmetology, and airlines are more and more willing to employ trans people. Yet, hookups with members of the community are still somewhat of a grey area. It’s best to avoid physical venues if a trans hookup in Dubai iswhat you’re looking for.  

Bars and Clubs: Limited Opportunities and High Risk  

Even though Dubai is the most tolerant emirate and Middle Eastern city, it’s not Las Vegas. It’s a cosmopolitan city with an air of anything-goes, but there are quite a few (at first invisible) obstacles to reckon with. If you are seen getting intimate with a single in a bar or a club, you risk getting arrested. There are some trans-friendly bars, but even they offer limited hookup opportunities. What’s more, they’re never 100% safe. If someone tells you one place or another is safe for a hookup with a trans person, don’t take their word for it, even if they’re a local.

It’s safe to take a trans person on a date in a bar or a club in Dubai as long as you don’t get intimate publicly and don’t otherwise attract attention. Avoid flashy clothes and jewelry.

In Dubai, two single people need to get a room with two separate beds if they want to stay in the same hotel room. Alternatively, you can make it a point of asking for a mattress to put on the floor so you don’t provoke suspicion.  

Online Dating is the Safest Route

Online dating sites are your best option, especially if you’re in Dubai on business, and you don’t have enough time to go out. Don’t invite someone you meet and like to your home right off the bat. To make sure their profile isn’t fake, arrange a video call in advance. We recommend platforms that are recognized worldwide, like My Transgender Date, My Ladyboy Date, and My Transgender Cupid. They do a good job of weeding fake profiles out and deleting spam.

What About Personals?

Personal ads are popular in Dubai, albeit with mixed outcomes. Some foreigners have used them to try to hook up with a local trans person and claim they were a waste of time. Others have found love this way. Keep in mind that not every such site caters to the trans community. Moreover, quite a number of them are spammy. The best options are apps and sites that offer free profile access. These can be wonderfully informative.