How to Date a Ladyboy in Manila

In the Filipino capital, trans people are visible and active. There are no laws protecting them from discrimination, and they still struggle for tolerance and acceptance, but many organizations are becoming more and more active in their support. All in all, Manila can be a great place to meet a trans woman to date.

The easiest way to date a ladyboy in Manila is by signing up at a trans dating site. Some ladyboys are hesitant to contact people online, so you might need to make the first move. As there are lots of straight men vying for their attention, you’ll need to create a good profile to stand out. We’d say this is the most important step, second only to your actual communication with the person.

Words like “shemale” are offensive and Filipinos usually speak good English, so definitely avoid using that and similar words. Make sure your profile name isn’t too difficult to pronounce. To be safe, it shouldn’t resemble your real name or be connected to any personal data, like the name of your street.

Legitimate trans dating sites have a zero-tolerance policy on transphobia. They block disrespectful users’ accounts. Sometimes, they will go ahead and delete their profile.  

You need have no anxiety about dating a trans woman in Manila. The trans scene is becoming more and more visible and mainstream. Politicians like Geraldine Roman, the first transgender congresswoman in the country, have really helped improve the status quo. Roman, who got sex reassignment surgery in the US more than two decades ago, introduced a bill outlawing discrimination based on gender expression and identity. House speaker Pantaleon Alvarez introduced a bill to legalize same-sex marriages.

You’ve met an amazing ladyboy in the lovely Asian capital, but you’re not sure where to take her? Calm, peaceful Manila Bay is one option. There are yachts, nice weather, and beautiful views. You can hang out at one of the city’s many malls just like you would if you were dating someone in the US or Europe. We recommend MOA, a huge mall that has everything, even ice skating rinks.

There are lots of trans-friendly restaurants in the capital, most of which are open 24/7. You can choose from different types of places – travel-themed, cat-themed, even Harry Potter-themed. Enjoy a meal and a nice glass of wine together. Keep the conversation general. Definitely don’t get into sex surgery details on the first date – or anything sex-related for that matter. You might put her off. Ideally, let her be the one to bring intimacy up first.