Why Straight Women Watch Lesbian Porn

When straight women watch porn, it’s easy to assume that they would automatically go for the straight options as well, which involve male and female partners. However, digital porn portals report that lesbian porn videos are some of, if not the, most popular category that straight women are going for. So, if you’re a straight woman, why would you be interested in watching two females getting together? The answers are quite interesting and make a lot of sense.

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Fantasy Porn

For a lot of women, watching two women get intimate with each other is pure fantasy and not something they would act on or do in real life. There is something so enticing with looking at the feminine forms onscreen and getting turned on with what they are engaged in, but there is no desire to do the same in real life. Or the desire may be there, but a male partner is preferred over a woman.

Appreciating the Beauty of the Female Body

In heterosexual porn videos, the focus usually goes to the penis. The cameras mostly just give glimpses of female body parts in short bursts, and this may not be enough for women viewers regardless of their sexual preference. Lesbian porn is often written by women for women. As such, it gives more than enough attention on the pure sensuality of appreciating the female form. In most scenes, you can feast your eyes on the entirety of the female body without a male body part clamoring for attention.

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Focus on a Woman’s Pleasure

In porn videos featuring male and female partners, the attention is centered mostly on what gives the man pleasure instead of what gets the woman off. This male-centric theme is reflected in the way these videos feature a dominant man taking his pleasure without too much regard about the woman’s preferences. In lesbian porn, the woman’s pleasure is center stage. From the first few moments of foreplay down to the moment when she reaches the big O, the focus is on the sensual ways a woman can explore another woman’s body to give her the ultimate pleasure.

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Sexual Exploration & Expression

Lesbian porn videos offer a chance for straight women to explore and/or express their sexual preferences in a discreet manner, without seeking a female partner in real life. While watching girl-on-girl action onscreen, a woman can explore on a personal level what can give her pleasure, and what turns her on (or off) since the focus of these videos is exactly that – female pleasure. 

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More Oral Sex Shown

A lot of women achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation, which is sorely lacking in hetero porn. Straight women go for lesbian porn because they spend a lot of time focusing on that oft-neglected female part, through oral or manual stimulation. As such, women get much more turned on by these videos since they are more realistic – at least as far as achieving female orgasms are concerned.

More Relatable and Intimate

Porn videos involving two women tend to have more intimacy compared to the usual anonymous, straight-up sex that can usually be seen in heterosexual porn videos. Love scenes involving two women also often don’t involve the acrobatics and unrealistic positions that are done in the usual porn videos (thought bubble: which leg goes where?), so they are much more relatable to women regardless of their sexual preferences.  

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